The main problem of novice traders in the Forex market is the absence of clear and unambiguous rules for opening, maintenance and closing of trading positions (transactions). In other words - the lack of a clear trading system.

The absence of ambiguity in the definition of the market in the direction of the inside of the day and the medium term, clear levels for the production of trade orders , transfer of positions to breakeven as well as the output levels of trading positions are the main components of any trading system. The absence of these criteria in the tactics of trading leaves the trader no last chance of success.

The FMA_SAR trading system of the Masterforex-V World Academy has successfully solved these problems . The main advantages of the trading system are:

clear rules that don’t allow for double interpretation;
clear signals to the input, the translation into the black and the closing of the transaction;
no ambiguity in determining the direction for the work.
Examples of transactions in the trading system: